8 Reasons To Love 12×12

I’m back in 12×12 size until (probably) the end of 2016. At the start of the year, I was 99.9% sure I was going to do four 6×8 albums with exactly three months in each. January to March was exciting, April was alright… May and June dragged a little. Or a lot. Now I’m working in 12×12 again and it feels great! Here’s my favourite 10 reasons to do Project Life in 12×12 size.


  1. It’s the original size
    12×12 is the size Project Life was created to be. Although it’s great to follow trends, try new things and challenge ourselves as creators, there’s something special about doing Project Life in the size it was intended. My first ever PL album was 12×12 and it’s felt kind of nostalgic going back to that size.
  2. There’s room for everything
    12×12 gives you so much space to document! 6×8 size is adorable, 6×12 is quirky but you cannot fit nearly as much in. With smaller albums, you need to be much more selective about what makes it’s way to your pages. 12×12 has plenty of room for all of your favourite photographs and is especially great if you’ve got a family to scrap about. Bigger family = bigger album needed.


  3. One page per week…
    …works pretty much perfectly in a 12×12 album. It’s just the right amount of space. If you’re a big scrapper, a double layout per week. I used to do that and it felt so satisfying!
  4. A and F pocket pages 
    Lets face it, these are our favourites. We love horizontal 6×8 photographs and vertical 3×4 cards. I don’t know why, our brains are just programmed that way. About 99% of 12×12 layouts I see on Instagram and Pinterest are in A or F. These layouts are just so damn pleasing to look at.


  5. Lots of options
    We love A and F pages, however there are a tonne of other ones to try out. You don’t get that with smaller albums, you’re pretty limited in the style of pocket protectors available (unless you use a fuse tool, which can be tricky). There are also so many options when it comes to the album design itself. You might be thinking that a 9×12 album has a lot of space (I’m a big fan of 9×12) but unfortunately they only come is half a dozen colours. As far as I know you can only get them from Studio Calico, too.
  6. It’s the cheapest way to scrap
    You might be thinking bigger album = bigger cost, but you would be wrong. The smaller your album, the more times you are going to have to replace it throughout the year. Depending on how much you scrap, you’re only going to need 1 or 2 albums a year.


  7. If you do decide to change sizes…
    …You can just cut your 12×12 page pockets down and reuse them. This makes swapping from 12×12 to, say, 9×12 much more affordable. Not all pages can be cut without needing fusing, but many (like F) can. Or just chop some down and mix it up a little in your 12×12.
  8. All the cool kids are doing it
    There’s so much inspiration for 12×12 size pocket layouts. Just check out the Project Life Design Team’s work for August for starters.


12×12 not your fave? I’d love to hear what size you’re working in and why. Also, how often do you swap albums? Do you use one size for daily pages and a different size album for special occasions?


I crated this layout using the August kits from Hip Kit Club. To read about my process or for more inspiration pop over to the HKC blog.

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