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Possibly my favourite thing about digital scrapbooking cards is how easy it is to personalise them. I mean, you can type your journalling straight onto the card and print! It doesn’t get any better than that! Seriously though, hybrid scrapbooking has meant that I’ve been able to keep up to date with trends by simply printing and cutting as I see fit. One of my current favourite pocket card sets is Amber LaBau’s Techno-Babble. I love documenting the sort of technology and electrical items we use as those things are changing all the time. I think it will be fascinating in twenty (or thirty, or fifty!) years time to look back at the sort of devices we’re using now. In fact, only yesterday I cleared a cupboard out and found a couple of old mobile phones that are really only a few years old – to me, they looked absolutely ancient!

I started by typing my journalling straight on to the cards and finding photographs for the stories I wanted to tell. I went with stories about iphone group messages (How would I get anything arranged with them?), writing letters and Instagram. Hubby has recently joined Instagram and has been checking my follower count daily, watching out for the moment I hit 2K. When it finally happened he was out, so he sent a text message to let me know! I thought it was really sweet. IG really isn’t his thing!


This is my final layout. These aren’t the sort of colours I’d usually go for (they’re very bold!) but it’s nice to work outside of your comfort zone sometimes.



Thanks for stopping by! You can find the cards I used over at The LilyPad. Have a lovely day!


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